Message From CEO

Thirty years ago, we began lending to cooperatives and nonprofits to support development in low-income communities. What began as a handful of loans to jumpstart growth in underserved neighborhoods has turned into $1.9 billion of investment in communities across the country.

2013 was no different. We worked with our partners to bring capital and capabilities to help communities in need—not just by creating a single solution to a single problem, but by addressing those needs on a systemic level. By increasing access to education, health care, healthy food, independent aging options and affordable homes, we are building impact systems that translate into real, sustainable change for the people who live, grow up and grow old in the communities we serve.

This annual report highlights a few big stories about our work to create impact systems in 2013:

But there were other successes as well. Along with our partners, we continued our work to bring healthy foods to disinvested communities. Through our support of the Village to Village Network, we helped to extend the reach of the Village movement, which gained considerable exposure through several national media stories. This exposure has created unprecedented demand to bring the Village model to more communities so more older adults can age in place, maintaining the social connections that have defined their adulthoods. In short, we continued to work across all areas to help communities—and the people who live in them—reach their full potential.

Many thanks to you, our supporters and partners, and to our exceptional and dedicated staff that have made so many system-changing projects a reality. We expect no less in 2014.

[On the cover: We provided a grant to Homeboy Industries, a non-profit food retailer in Los Angeles, allowing it to expand its job training and workforce development services to help former gang-affiliated and incarcerated men and women acquire the skills needed to transition to employment in the supermarket industry. PHOTO CREDIT: Homeboy Industries]


Terry Simonette
President & CEO
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